Meditation on the virat rupa

The virat-rupa or gigantic form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead is about to be described. The material form which is recommended for people beginning spiritual life, who don’t have any faith in the personal feature of the Lord. That if they meditate on this virat-rupa of this universal form, then it may be helpful for them, you see. If one has faith or understanding in the form then it may be helpful for them, you see. If one has understanding or faith in the direct in the personal form of the Lord, then there is no difficulty if that person immediately starts to render devotional service and directly connects with that form of the Lord, you see. first of all people, generally when they see the picture of Krishna or think of God as the person, they try to carry over all the material limitations that an ordinary human being experiences, and try to place those same limitations upon God. So, just to clear up that type of a mistake… mistaken conception, you see, this whole virat-rupa or universal form is described, so we can see that the great potencies of this universe are but an extension of the energy of Krishna, and they also form thus one of His uh… transcendental, one of His bodies, one of His uh, bodily manifestation, even though was within the material world because it can instil within a materialist some awe If they actually medidate on the size of the universe, and on the gigantic manifestations and see that these are only a fraction of energy of God. Of course if someone can understand from the beginning that the Personality of Godhead is above all these manifestations, then one doesn’t have to go through all of this medidation on the virat-rupa. One can directly engage in the service of Krishna.

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

26th Dec, 1982 SB class @ Atlanta,