Mantra means to deliver the mind, to uplift the consciousness.

Do you chant Hare Krishna ? Have you tried it? Why don’t you try it? See if you can get any effect, get any benefit. Mantra means to deliver the mind, to uplift the consciousness. One doesn’t have to be a… The temple is the place where it is very convenient to chant, it’s… it’s set aside for that purpose, we can hear and we can chant and we can read but it’s not limited to the temples. We can chant in the park, we can chant on the bus, we can chant while we are walking, we can chant… there is so many spare moments, instead of… instead of putting our ear into a ghetto blaster… and uh, it’s not going to purify us, its adding more fuel to the fire of our anxieties, and dissatisfactions, that uh, in this way it is very easy to purify the consciousness, and person comes to that transcendental platform very easily.

So, one doesn’t have to be tied into the so called organized aspect of it. Even a very free way one can chant anywhere, anytime, this is the wonder and the benediction or the special gift of Lord Caitanya’s movement, that He wanted that people will be able to practice their own homes, but it is a… it is beneficial, it’s conducive for someone who wants to advance in the spiritual… life to the get the association of likeminded spiritual people. That provides a type of a atmosphere which is conducive for meditation and for spiritual practices. Once a person knows the basic he is little bit habituated or has learned the processes of meditation, well they can perform anywhere, anytime.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 31st May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA