make your mind just like a slate board

In a situation where the people are very materialistic, very unsubmissive, very unable to understand the spiritual subject matter, and something is needed just to overwhelm them so that they start to listen, then such mystic powers are sometimes displayed. Gar…Narada Muni displayed that sometimes, sometimes it is displayed by different Acaryas, sometimes of course other preachers, they have that displayed but Srila Prabhupada explained that this is considered to be at a very much lower level than actually if someone actually has faith, simply by hearing, that is the actual spiritual process. Otherwise, the faith just by seeing something miraculous, this is a more superficial faith, more sentimental faith. That the perfection of religion is when we actually become attracted to hearing about Krishna , to actually be attracted to the messages of Krishna. To want to hear about Krishna . To have faith in those words of Krishna.

viṣvaksena-kathāsu yaḥ

notpādayed yadi ratiṁ

śrama eva hi kevalam

That unless we come up to that stage, we are not considered to have fully utilized our energy in this human birth. We should come up to the stage where actually we have affinity for hearing about the messages of Krishna. That actually when we hear about Krishna that time our mind becomes fixed, we should make our mind just like a slate board, like a black board. Now a days we have the ink board. Where we can… where the spiritual master is writing the message of Krishna, there on our consciousness.

So people do… their minds are so disturbed, that Srila Prabhupada explained that it is very difficult, even on the street if we try to explain them something, basically it is… it’s very difficult for them to understand, but if they take the books home with them, read in their own peaceful living room or wherever (inaudible) But anyway, they may have an opportunity somewhere during that day, to read in a little peace and uh, concentration to understand. Therefore for this particular day, if you somehow or another get the people to have books which they can try read and understand this philosophy, this is by far the best process. Also it allows for one person to reach many people, because how long can we spend with each person on the street? Unless they come up to certain level it’s very difficult for them to understand anyway. So giving a transcendental literature is the best opportunity for them to make spiritual advancement.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 30 th May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA