Make the whole world Krishna conscious.

Lord Caitanya’s time there was Maharaja Prataparudra, there was the great king Krishna Devaraya in South India, there was also the Hussain Shah who gave the… a complete licence to Lord Caitanya to go anywhere in his Mohammedan kingdom and preach. So that means during those times Lord Caitanya had put certain great rulers who all were somehow fitting in His master plan to make the whole world Krishna conscious. And simultaneously so many things were going on around the world. I don’t know the other things going on otherwise there may be some more. But we can understand that now with this International Society for Krishna Consciousness is spreading all over the… it’s spread all over the world.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami maharaj

28th March 1983, Gaura Purnima SB class @ Mayapur