love, those whom Krishna loves…

When you see that devotees who are preaching in very difficult situation like, eastern Europe or Muslim countries, or sometime have to go all alone for a long time. You see, when they are very happy to come back and associate with the devotees. Sometimes, those who get the association of devotees, they take it for granted. They don’t realize that how valuable it is to associate with devotees if they are discussing about Krishna. Discussing how to expand our service, if they are actually, sincerely trying to serve the spiritual master, having association with them is so purifying, it’s so enlivening. If we want to go back to spiritual world, is very simple, if one loves, those whom Krishna loves. If you want to love Krishna, you should love the loved ones of Krishna. Just as Krishna has shown in Aghasura leela. How much He loves His devotees. He actually felt… He didn’t want to be… even Krishna doesn’t want to be separated from His cowherd devotees. Even Krishna didn’t want to be alone without His devotees. So, how wonderful are the devotees of the Lord! If even Krishna… of course they are the eternal associates of Lord Krishna. Nonetheless, we can see that how much Krishna loves the devotees. So, it’s recommended that if you want to see Krishna, first you have to see His devotees.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 18th Sep, SB class @ New Orleans, USA