Leave no stone unturned to serve krishna

we have to be very careful against this demoniac attitude. But we forget about our spiritual progress, out of the desire for enjoying comforts and sense gratification in this life. To get those things is very cheap, even you see a dog in the street… when it is a cold night, last time when it was a cold night …. You see that one corner of the barn, where all the cowherd boys had to burn up some hay or something to warm their hands, and there were the ashes there, you will see a dog go lay in the ashes.

Nice soft ashes stretching out the warm ashes of the little fire there, relaxing in great comfort. Of course our idea of comfort may not be ashes, but well, for the dog it was a soft warm bed, and he stretched out and he was enjoying. So this idea of enjoying or just being lazy or having comfort, that’s even there in the animal species, like the bears and dogs and so on, so that’s not very glorious but to use our full energy for satisfying Krishna, not leaving any stone unturned to serve Krsna, that is actually glorious. Even better of course than taking birth in a… back to the other point, taking birth in the family of someone who’s wealthy, is to be born as a devotee, in the family of yogis and have the opportunity like Krishna showed what is the Vedic culture of having the parents take every spiritual uh, precaution or effort to see to the maximum spiritual benefit of the child.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 30 th May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA