Laksmi should be used for devotional services

We read about how a person to come into Krishna consciousness, they need some previous assets in most cases. Of course Lord Caitanya’s special mercy is there, that even someone without assets can be brought in. But how is that performed? That is done by devotee engaging someone in service. That starts to build up their spiritual assets. For a person to come in to the temple and if he is immediately has a urge to engage in devotional service. He’s eager to hear about Krishna, he has some attraction for chanting, that’s a very advanced stage. If someone just walks off the streets and has these symptoms well that’s every indication that uh, that person was probably engaging in some kind of devotional service in his previous life. In most cases people are not very interested in spiritual life, they don’t have very much attraction, and basically uh, they are absorbed in their material thoughts and material affairs. So it’s a devotee, out of his uh, causeless mercy goes out and engages those people in service, getting donations for them… from them, giving them literature, using the money collected… giving it to Krishna and using it to preach Krishna consciousness is the greatest benediction for people, you see that, Lakshmi should not be used for sense gratification. It should only be used for the devotional service of the Lord.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1982 Dec, 17 SB @ New Orleans, USA.