Krishna, the constant ‘K’ factor who never changes

A drop of water on a lotus leaf, A lotus leaf is like a lubricated. You put a drop of water on that, it just, it just, it just moves it’s beads up a into a little ball but it just moves. It has…it has no stability, at every second it’s just moving around and coming off and back on and moving around. That’s how our life is, at any moment… here in New Orleans, a man sitting in his house and an Eastern Airline jet crashes in his house, where is the stability?

Sitting having your morning breakfast, before you know it, you know, no wife, no kids, you got a jet sitting in your house, right? You think life here has got a lot of uh, stability?

You are driving to work, and some drunken driver runs the stop light and you… and you get side swipe, you walk out in the street and the bus driver runs you over or a… you know, I mean life is kamala dala jala, it’s just like a drop of water on lotus, you can’t… any second anything can…you are walking somebody suddenly they have a headache, and it turns out to be a stroke or they have a little pain in the chest and it is a heart attack, where they are smoking a cigarette and they end up, they get lung cancer.

That’s the only uh, stability, whether your life, whatever situation it is, Krishna is the constant, He is the K factor, He is the factor who never changes. If we lead our life towards becoming spiritually conscious, that happiness that we get from the awakening of the self, from our understanding our relationship with Krishna, it’s non-dependent upon all of these temporary things, which do not have any permanent value, which can be destroyed or taken away at any second.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 31st May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA