Krishna sends the spiritual master

Narada muni took compassion Dhruva Maharaja he is giving his advice. This is actually what one needs from the sadhu. One shouldn’t be lazy and think that “The sadhu is everything for me.” but “The sadhu will give me advice. Whereby I can reach Krishna.” This is the natural reciprocation.

Narada Muni’s advice was offered freely to Dhruva Maharaja. Not like the professional yogis who come to the west, “You want any mantra, any advice, then you have to pay first. Major credit cards are accepted. Pay first, talk later.” Actually there was one magician in New Orleans temple, he became a devotee, and he showed, he dressed up like a sadhu, and then he showed from his hands, he was making ashes come. Piles of ashes. He was creating things out of the air, like so many yogis. Only difference is that he did not claim that he was God. He only claimed he was a magician.

So this is the thing. Narada Muni, when he was standing there and Dhruva came. He was asking the lions, he was asking trees, he was asking everyone and everything, “Are you God? Are you Bhagavan?” Because he had no idea who and what was Bhagavan. He only knew his mother said,”The sages go in the forest and look for Bhagavan. Therefore you go the forest, you find Bhagavan.” So he was looking in the forest everywhere “Where’s bhagavan?”, you see. “You Bhagavan? You?” He didn’t know anymore, whether the Bhagavan was two feet or five feet, or whether he was blue, green or what. He only knew the God was there somewhere. Exactly who God was or what he was, what he looked like, had no ideas. He was just looking for Bhagavan.

So he was a Ksatriya. Ksatriyas so determined that nothing can stop them, they proceed. So, this is a great opportunity that Dhruva’s getting because Krishna has sent his pure devotee Narada as the Guru. When a soul is sincerely looking for the truth, even though he may not have any clue, but sincerely they want to know, “What is the highest truth? What is the real existence? What is the janmady asya yatah, the cause from which everything is coming? What’s the sarva karana karanam?”, then Krishna sends the spiritual adviser, the spiritual master, His devotee there so that that fallen soul can get information about Krishna. It is not a coincidence. It is the mercy of Krishna that one is able to meet a pure devotee and accept instruction from such a pure devotee.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj.

06th April, 1983 SB class @ Toronto, Canada