Krishna is there, What can anyone do to us?

Krishna, is so wonderful, that in His transcendental pastimes, through the via media of His internal potency, so many wonderful pastimes are arranged that Krishna, He is able to play in those pastimes. He plays the part perfectly. He plays the part so perfectly that, He Himself, momentarily gets absorbed in the pastimes. He gets absorbed, therefore when the boys are in danger, for a moment He is also struck with wonder. But of course, Krishna, He has got unlimited potencies. So, He can immediately understand exactly what is to be done, but, for us it’s wonderful that Krishna, who is the all-powerful, omnipotent, omniscient, Supreme Personality of Godhead, that he allows himself to play such intimate pastimes with his friends, and allows His internal potency to arrange things so nicely, that He Himself is able to experience this very personal emotions.

So whatever the reason we have any emotion, whether wonder or fear, or whether astonishment or whether appreciation or laughter or love, you see… of course, Krishna is called as abhaya, or He is completely fearless. But, whenever feeling, in material life, it is degenerated. It’s mutated, it’s no longer pure. But in Krishna, those different emotions are completely pure. There are different expressions of His love for His devotees and in His personality they’re never degenerate. They are always suddha-sattva, or pure transcendental in the mode of goodness. But, this is just that the… this also disproves the impersonal point, where they say that the Absolute Truth is impersonal and somehow, almost like the modern scientists, they somehow, simply by some accident, by some coincidence, out of this impersonal nothingness, the material creation came. This is not at all possible, neither this is feasible, neither does anyone ever has an experience of anything coming from nothing. Something has never come from nothing, and never will come from nothing. Something is coming from something else.

So originally this whole material world is coming as a reflection or the shadow of the original spiritual world, and we have emotions in material life, because in the spiritual world emotions are there. But in this material life, emotions are cause of suffering for us. But in the spiritual world these emotions are cause of ecstasy. They are an expression of transcendental love and ecstasy. Just see how the wonderful. The devotees of Krishna, they are so fearless, that they fearlessly walk into the mouth of a serpent, even after considering that it’s a serpent. They are so fearless, “Oh, Krishna is there. What can anyone do to us?”. Because of being eternal associates of Krishna they are so confident of their relation with Krishna that they are completely fearless.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 18th Sep, SB class @ New Orleans, USA