Krishna is the original form.

Narayan is the Supreme. Krishna is only Avatar of Vishnu. So then Lord Caitanya said that if Krishna is only an avatar of Narayan, then why is it that Lakshmi the consort of Narayan was doing tapasya to enter into Krishna’s rasalila. Can you answer that? Since Lakshmi is the consort of Narayana, she has Narayana all the time, why is that she is doing tapasya in order to enter into Krishna’s pastime in the rasalila. If she was the original, if Narayana is original they can go anytime. Why they have to do tapasya? Why she is not satisfied already? Why she wants more? I hope she is satisfied, still she wants more. Then Lord Caitanya asked why she was refused entrance. She was thrown out. Even Lord Shiva was allowed in rasalila as a gate keeper. But not Lakshmi. She wasn’t given a gate pass. Because Narayana is a majestic form; Lakshmi is the majestic form of Shakti – opulent form, all powerful form in that aspect. Krishna is the informal…He is the most informal, confidential, the original form. Just like some minister sometimes comes here. He sits on the floor with us. We give him Prasad. He talks with us. But if you go to see him in his office, there he has got the guards outside, we have to wait in line and do all the… then he is big minister. Sometimes the members of the High court, they come with us and they sit and take little Prasad because they like to associate with the saintly people. But if we go to see them in High court, then they’re sitting in their big chair with their wig or their robes. Then you can say to them… there you have to say My Lord, your Lordship and so on. Everything is formal. They walk in the room, you have to stand up in respect for their position, for the court. So Prabhupada explains that Krishna is the original form.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986,10th August, SB class @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.