Krishna is never alone

Sometimes you see these mayavadis they say that they are devotees of Krishna. They have pictures of Krishna alone. Prabhupada never wanted to have a picture of Krishna alone. Any picture, if you see, Krishna is never alone, at least in a Hare Krishna temple, because that’s the actual way it is. He is never alone, just like you are never going to expect to see the President or the King… He’s never alone. He has his aide de camp. He’s got a secretary, press agent, whatever… Prime Minister, not alone. Krishna is never alone. He always have some devotee with him, either it’s a cow or a peacock, or Balarama or the gopis or the cowherd boys or Radharani or someone, but He is never alone. Always someone is with Him. But if you love or give your affection to whom Krishna loves, then naturally you become very dear to Krishna. That is Seva. I like Krishna, but I don’t like all those people He hangs around with, especially those cows, I want Krishna without the cows. Just like… there’s not any shortcut. In fact you will probably be disqualified, because you will never find Krishna in any other circumstance. If you want to love Krishna, give your affection to Krishna. In fact it’s easier to give the affection to the loved ones of Krishna. So you cannot make Krishna conform to your limited idea, that won’t work. Actually we have to rather direct our affection to conform with the way Krishna is. He is constant, He is absolute factor, it’s the way absolute truth is. Doesn’t change. Material world changes, our affection can change in different directions, but He is not going to change. So if we naturally hear about Him, follow the various processes of bhakti-yoga, then what happens is that we are focusing our attention on Krishna as He is. He is surrounded with devotees, and if you study those devotees’ qualities and characteristics, you will find that they are perfect reflections of Krishna’s original, His own qualities.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj.

1983, 30th October SB class@ Honolulu, Hawaii.