Krishna Conscious movement is creating… to train up Brahmanas

if a person has a particular occupational duty, he should also have certain qualities, and he should act with certain responsibilities. Otherwise, even though he is doing that occupation he won’t be perfected and the society will be disorderly, and that’s exactly whats happening today.

Even we have these categories of people, because the teachers don’t have a high character, because the… the uh, political leaders don’t have that type of courage in many cases or that type of integrity even they’re allowed to take remuneration for what they do, but then they should protect the citizens who are helpless without the administration taking the active role as a protector. Similarly the buisinessmen, they have a duty to provide economic strength for the entire society, they are considered the stomach. If the vaisya, the businessmen are able to create a very strong economic base then the society is very strong. But if they create the Chambers of Commerce and then think how to manipulate the market so the prices go up artificially and the people are therefore… they may become wealthy but the people become artificially weakened that’s not a proper balance. Better they’re to work under a certain system. But that can only happen if the administration and the brahmanas are strong. In this way the checks and balances are there if everybody fulfills, and that depends on strong spiritual guides.

So actually this Krishna Conscious movement is creating… is there especially to train up Brahmanas. We are having the shaved head and the sikha and because this is the naturally the insignia of Brahmana. Yesterday after the program one Indian was there, he is a Banerjee, Banerjee, Vanopadhyaya, one of the four aristocratic Brahminical families of India, he said “You are all the real Brahmanas. We are in name Brahmana, but we are not able to do much. But you are actually the Brahmanas” and this you’ll hear in many places. Of course there are some very bigoted kind of caste Brahmanas who don’t want to accept anyone who is not a born Brahmana, but in general the modern Brahmanas of today they can see what Krishna Consciousness is doing. You don’t have to put the words in their mouth. They will spontaneously say, “You are practicing Brahminical culture.” Because a Vaisnava is spontaneously, automatically a Brahmana.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 28th May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA