Krishna and Balarama from everybody’s angle of vision…

Baladeva was originally in the womb of Devaki. He prepared everything for Krishna coming, and then He transferred over to Rohini, and they thought that Devaki had a miscarriage then. So, actually, He was first in the womb of Devaki, so in that sense also, the same mother, and Vasudeva in either case, is the same father. So actually, here, Prabhupada mentions that:

Baladeva was actually the son of Devakī, but He was transferred from Devakī’s womb to that of Rohiṇī. This fact was not disclosed.

A lot of little… in one sentence there, so many secret information has been revealed. Now Nanda Maharaja was also of course as brother… half-brother with Vasudeva. So, Nanda-Maharaja, in that sense, Krishna was also a brother, but a cousin-brother, from Nanada Maharaja’s point of view, with Balarama.

Krishna and Balarama from everybody’s angle of vision, either they had real transcendental vision or… Vasudeva’s vision, or from Nanda Maharaja’s vision, they’re all… Krishna and Balarama are both brothers, and that same relationship was maintained between Lord Nityananda and Lord Caitanya, that They accepted Each other as practically like brothers. Lord Nitayanda appeared before Lord Caitanya; He was older. These are all allowed for transcendental pastimes to be exchanged.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 6th June, SB Class, New Vrindavan @ USA