Kittenish Krishna

The gopis were running, looking, “Where’s Krishna? Where is Krishna?” And they’d go runing and then Krishna would hide Himself as the four-armed Visnu. Then, they’d go and ask Him, “Oh, Visnu.” And they’d offer obeisances, and say, “Have you seen Krishna? Where is Krishna?” Even if they were seeing God, right there, standing, they weren’t interested. They were looking, “Where’s Krishna?”, you see. That is the nature of the pure devotee, is that even Visnu appears before them, they’ll ask Him for direction, “Where is Krishna?”, you see.
So then, Krishna was of course taking His Visnu form, He said, “Well, He’s that way.” (devotees laughing) So, then they all kept running, but then when Radharani came and said, “Where is Krishna?” Her love was so intense that Krishna couldn’t keep four arms. His two arms kept coming out and she could spot that, “This is Krishna.”, and caught Him. So, actually, only the pleasure potency of Krishna can actually fully captivate. He can be renounced with everyone else, that’s His nature, His opulence, but because she’s directly non-different from Him in terms of being His internal spiritual potency, she’s got some special, unique position.

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

22, Oct 1982, SB Class