Keep the mind fixed in krishna conscious

A person when they have Krishna consciousness, they don’t because their happiness is not dependent upon the body, similarly their suffering is not also body may be in some condition like that to warn us that, the body is week in condition, we have to build that up. But the consciousness is above that, it’s not ah… beco…doesn’t become depressed by that… neither if there is some temporary happiness, it doesn’t become overjoyed. Takes the things within stride. Its says.. the Gita says, “Just like so many rivers are going into the ocean, that for the self realized soul, so many desires they are coming in the mind but the ocean doesn’t overflow, similarly the mind doesn’t change it’s status, it remains fixed in Krishna consciousness.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1985, November 11th, SB class, Life Member House Mr.Patel @ Bangalore, India