Is my understanding proper, according to the Vedas and the spiritual master?”

you should analyze every feeling and thought, with feelings and thoughts, and the philosophy of scriptures, if you are feeling some thoughts are the same as the spiritual masters express desires, the explanations of the Vedas, you should analyze that, but as they newer devotee, you should…you should give deference to the older devotees, at least socially in you behavior and if you don’t agree with something that they are doing or seeing, then later on you could, they can include inquiry from the spiritual master or some very senior devotee, that who is actually correct.

Because and it may be that sometimes you are correct, but in minor things it’s not worth a disagreement. Just like maybe the Corporal sometimes is correct and the Sergeant isn’t but the corporal follows the Sergeant, because that’s the way it is. Later on he is going to be a Sergeant… in a way, a Sergeant Major, or some Lieutenant, or whatever, he’ll move up, but the Sergeant who makes mistakes, he is not going to go anywhere, so we are not attached but we have a follow a certain, whatever the service is, first like… something like a chain of command or something, that we should follow that just so that we avoid, wasting… we waste more time over small point, some of them say “It is better to sweep the floor with your right hand.” and you may be a leftie, so actually it’s easier in left hand and it doesn’t matter what hand you sweep the floor with, but you know… just you can have a whole argument, but then you know just whatever example you want to give, it’s better to analyze everything by the scriptures, by the words of the spiritual master. If you don’t know, well then your own opinion shouldn’t be given too much credence unless it is confirmed, if you have an idea you should try it get it confirmed, this is the good idea, it’s just correct, “Is my understanding proper, according to the Vedas and the spiritual master?”

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 31st May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA