Is it true? The reincarnation.

No one can quote the Bible in America, and say, is it true or fake? No one can do that. Even if there is not a law against it, the people will ah.. burn that persons house or do something, they will become… they are more fanatical maybe, but we are more tolerant, but somehow or other they will make a protest, then how you can say that is it true or false. You can say, that if science has confirmed it or not ? But we are very happy that people will say, “well they are putting something about reincarnation, because it’s a pluralistic society, you have to write.” Of course there are so many scientific basises, but in a country like India where 80% of the people or more believe as a religious teachings, and where science has already proved that 90% of the people in the rest of the world accept reincarnation due to scientific basis. Even in America, which is very conservative, 50% of the people accept reincarnation. But there is not one university in the entire world which teaches what is the science of reincarnation.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1985, November 11th, SB class, Life Member House Mr.Patel @ Bangalore, India