Intense mood of Lord Chaitanya

Nimai, when He came in, then He came in that place, devotees were there chanting japa, and reading, and Lord Caitanya, He came, and He uh, He saw the devotees and He saw this pillar, and He… lets se… actually the mood of Lord Caitanya at this moment is something, you can’t actually express it in words. His mood is so intense that when He manifests His pure love for Krishna, it melts even stone. There is no, no one had experience of this intensity of love of Krishna. It was so intense.

One example is practical… in real life, several occasions, He actually melted stone by His love for Krishna. So, none of the devotees of course had ever had this experience, or they knew Nimai Pandita was the greatest scholar, or he was very prominent in the city, but they never had any association of Lord Caitanya as more than a type of devotee who was a little materialistic. A karmi, like, very learned, but in that level, you see. They’re all seeing Him… for the first time, He’s coming to them… in this new mood. They’ve never seen this before.

Just like, when Jagannatha was closed, Lord Caitanya in Puri became so anxious to see the Lord, that He couldn’t see Him, He ran 11 miles to Alalanatha, which was far away, I mean, 11 miles. He ran the whole way before this Visnu deity. Beautiful deity, slender waist, broad chest. Beautiful, beautiful deity. There’s special pastime with that deity, how little child was able to get the deity to personally uh, eat prasada. It’s a whole other story. So, then, when Lord Caitanya ran and paid obeisances to that deity, His body was so hot in separation from Krishna, He melted His form, right into the rock, and that rock is still at that Alalanatha temple. In fact, when the Gaur… Gambhira temple does the daily puja to that rock, they have offered that if you wanted to do the puja of that rock, they would give it to us. It’s in Puri. It’s near Puri, 11 miles away in a city called Alalanatha, Alalanatha. Seven feet: A full form of Lord Caitanya and His arm, His chest, everything. That, the separation that Lord Caitanya feels for Krishna is beyond… is beyond… it’s the full… it’s the separation that Radharani feels, which is enough to even stop Krishna, cold, you see.

That is the level of uh, separation that Lord Caitanya many… because He’s a combination of Krishna and Radha. We can’t understand. It’s beyond anything material.

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

22, Oct 1982, SB Class