The Initiation should not be taken lightly, very serious

if a disciple can give a load to the spiritual master, then we can understand that the disciple by acting very nicely can actually free the spiritual master from any burden from himself. So that’s the least that a disciple can do and an advanced disciple can also help other junior disciples to become more Krishna conscious, more strict, more enthusiastic in their service which would be a very great service to the spiritual master. And if the Ganges has got some doubt about her capacity, we can understand that a spiritual master also who have a capacity, depending on how much mercy he gets from the spiritu… from Krishna, because Krishna is the only one that can ultimately neutralize. Just like you can put on some antiseptic on your sore; there is a limit how much that antiseptic, how many microorganism or infections it can neutralize, it is but one small micro part of a drop it can only be able to cover so many.

So Krishna is unlimited and he can give that unlimited potency to his pure devotee, to whatever extent he wants to, pure devotee off course takes the humble attitude and knows that uh, he will be at least partially responsible for all the reactions, and if he is irresponsible he can be helped fully to task. So it’s very serious, Krishna has unlimited potencies, spiritual master has to be very careful, so if disciples are very expert in keeping their Godbrothers Krishna Conscious that means that would enhance whatever capacity their spiritual master has for delivering more souls, by not over burdening. If he is over-burdened that means that with few fallen disciples whatever mercy he is getting from Krishna is being expended. Any if the disciples are all very serious then so many more disciples can be increased, without being a burden on the spiritual master excessively. So to make this Krishna conscious movement expand that means every disciple must be very careful to be strict and they should try to encourage others who are initiated to come up to the same platform. Initiation should not be taken lightly, very serious because it means if a person follows that person is guaranteed to reach Krishna.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1983, 5th,November, SB Class @ USA