Impersonalism – The spiritual suicide

there are those who are wanting to enjoy but they are demons and they want to do so at any cost even against the sanctioned methods given by the Lord. So amongst those devotees who are trying to enjoy there are devotees who are at different stages of purity. That devotee who is worshipping Krishna directly simply for the desire to please Krishna and not for any other material motive… not for any material motive, that devotee is considered to be a pure devotee. And to satisfy them Krishna comes down as well as to attract the other devotees, what is the real purpose of life, what is the real happiness in life. That trying to enjoy this dead material energy is actually a futile attempt which leads one into deeper and deeper stages of frustration until one contemplates committing spiritual suicide known as merging, it’s a spiritual suicide.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 10th June, SB class, Ekadeshi lecture