If everybody had one idea, there’d be no war.

Prabhupada told one devotee that who’s father owned a factory that he should make his factory Krishna conscious, have his tapes playing, programs. So, the point is the especially the Brahmanas would be following all of the principles, and he would try to get everyone to follow all the principles, at least, as many as possible, and yes, people would take up the different occupations. Definitely there would be an Army, everything. In this way, it’s essential that we have qualified Brahmanas, people who know the philosophy who can, dissolve the people’s doubts. Of course, if the whole world becomes Krishna conscious, then, you still need an army just to keep out the thieves and rogues, but there’s always going to be some rogues, there’s always going to be some anti-social elements. You’re going to need a police force and an Army in this world.

Even in Svarga, they have their full Army. Even the heavenly planets they have an Army, so what to speak of here. But obviously, it wouldn’t be… it would be less… it wouldn’t be over done to the extent that it is today, if there’s no conflict. The one, when I was leaving the radio show, the person after me was a schoolteacher, Glen something. He said, “Well, if everybody had one idea…” And he said, “Or if people were like this…” Joe Culotta said, “If people were like this, then there’d be no wars in the world.”

He said, “Well, if everybody had one idea, there’d be no war.” That was his intellectual adjustment. That was… the thing is there are some places you can get islands. You can make it your own country. But then if you do that, then… the nature is you see, then if you’re your own country, then who protects you. There’s pirates in most places. There’s pirates and they’ll just come and rob you and they have the arms, and cannons, and bazookas and all kind of stuff.

So, if you’re your own country that means that there’s… you know, then you got to have your Army, you got to have your defense, you have to have everything. That’s why a lot of these small countries are like called Protectorates. They’re under you know, bigger like Britain, or Engl… or America or something. Bhutan has got a defense agreement with India. So, if you have a country, you got to have an Army, at least to defend yourself from… If you don’t you’re just like open prey. There, people come and take advantage.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 28th May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA