How is it a service to envy someone?

Envy taking shape… any form of intolerance about another devotee achieving some more recognition, or better type of uh, ability to serve is not to be the cause of envy, rather it should be the cause of adoration, or the cause of so many favorable sentiments. You see, envy is something which is completely the opposite of all spiritual sentiments. Just like you can engage everything, kama, lust, you can engage in the service of Krishna. Krodha, greed, sometimes people are very greedy to get all type of things for Krishna’s service. Uh, kama, krodha, lobha… krodha rather is anger. Sometimes uh, Hanuman was angry to see Sita was being offended, you see. Sometimes, even in Dvaraka, there’s some anger, Satyabhama became angry but that was uh, how to satisfy the Lord, better. So, this way, there are different moods in devotional service, but… and they can all be engaged in the service of the Lord. But, this particular thing, envy, to bring the other person down, that is not a desired, because that uh, how will that please Krishna? Rather, how to please Krishna more through service, that is the practical idea. If someone is able to please Krishna more, you know that uh, Krishna appreciates anyone who appreciates His devotee… so by appreciating that devotee, you’re serving Krishna.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

Nov 15, 1982 SB @ Nepal.