How do people come purified?

The more you engage them in service, the more you engage them in devotional service(hearing and chanting), naturally, they become more and more purified, they become, their consciousness becomes uncovered from all the material dirt and then natural love for Krishna is revealed. Krishna prema nitya siddha saadhy kabu noi, shravana adi shuddha chitta koro ei udoy : That Krishna prema is not something that you get, like you become Prime Minister, you become…something you have to work for in terms of achieving something. It’s already there ; nitya siddha. It’s something which is within us, it not something that you have to bring from outside. It’s there but it is covered up. So how we simply have to uncover it. It is like the treasure is there, but it’s hidden. Now we have to dig it out ; you have to uncover piles of karma, offences, different kinds of dirt have covered up that pure consciousness. But by hearing and chanting, the devotees are, by hearing and chanting, by pure consciousness, that Krishna prema, that love for Krishna, desire to serve Krishna is revealed and so the first step is when they engage in some service to Krishna.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1982, Dec, 15 SB @ Honolulu, Hawaii.