How can we appreciate?

Devotees, they go ultimately up to the intimate pastimes of the Lord. How can the ordinary people understand intimate pastime, unless they understand they’re not the body. Unless they understand they’re pure spirit soul. Unless they understand what is the almighty position of Krishna, how He’s created everything just by a fraction of His glance, just by His slightest desire, everything happens, unless you understand the immense power and potential of Krishna, then you won’t appreciate the beauty and the intimate uh, loving uh, wonder that Krishna takes a humble position as His own devotee, as Caitanya Mahaprabhu, or He takes the position as the servant of His devotee, uh, Partha Sarathi, when He drove Arjuna’s chariot. You won’t appreciate. How can we appreciate?
Unless… If we hear that the President of the United States has come down, and he’s uh, doing some kind of uh, simple work for the common man, then everybody applauds. Because he’s the President, he doesn’t have to do such things. He’s coming down to the common level. That’s something unusual. Great. Right? But if we hear that uh, an ordinary person is doing an ordinary thing, what’s great? What’s the big deal? Ordinary people doing ordinary things, every day. They’re serving eachother, they’re doing this and that. So, unless you can understand Krishna’s position, it’s very hard to appreciate how wonderful are His intimate pastimes, you see.

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

22, Oct 1982, SB Class