Haunted by the thought of Hari..

The devotees, they are following Krishna. They follow the instructions of their spiritual master, they serve Krishna, that is considered to be favorable. But, Kamsa, he is also always talking about Krishna. But he is talking about Krishna unfavorably. It says here that when Krishna went into the mouth of the demon, the demons become, Kamsa and the others, became very happy. Because, they were wishing – “Oh! Let Krishna die! Now, Krishna is going to be killed!” They don’t know that Krishna can never die. God is not changing His body, like an ordinary demon or human. Rather He.., His eternal form is eternal. He can never be killed. But these demons they are thinking, “O, now Krishna will be killed! And Aghasura will be victorious! We have got rid of that splinter in our foot. Krishna, who is always an obstacle for our complete persecution of everyone. He is always standing in our way of our absolute demoniac power.”

So they want to get rid of Krishna. So, their thinking of Krishna, their meditating on Krishna,.. it is said that Kamsa, he was sometimes so absorbed in thinking about Krishna, he couldn’t sleep at night. Even more intensely than many devotees. In his waking, in his sleeping, he just sees Krishna everywhere. He was so obsessed in complete fear of Krishna. But his mood was, that he somehow or the other wanted to kill Krishna! And he was almost being haunted by the thought of Krishna. He was so afraid that Krishna was going to come and kill him. So, that type of devotional… that type of thought of Krishna, is not considered devotional service. Because, it is not favorable at all. But, because Kamsa was so thoroughly absorbed in Krishna, therefore when he died, when he was finally killed by Krishna, he achieved liberation. But, the example is given in Bhaktirasamrita Sindhu, that there was another king, who was also very offensive to Krishna, but he wasn’t fully offensive to Krishna. Not like Kamsa. He was part time offensive. Sometimes, he was engaged in sense gratification. Just his normal material activities. And sometimes, he was offending Krishna. So, as a result, he didn’t achieve liberation. He went to hell. He was…, he had to accept the reactions of his offensive activity and his bad karma. But Kamsa was so thoroughly absorbed in Krishna that practically, all he could do was think about Krishna. Because of his complete absorption, he could achieve liberation. His whole life he was thinking about Krishna killing him, so Krishna finally did do that. But gave him eternal life.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 18th Sep, SB class @ New Orleans, USA