Harinam sankirtan “the best worship”

We can go on just me… mechanically, it will just take longer. That is all. The danger is that the mind may distract us. So therefore we are supposed to concentrate, we are supposed to put our mind to it. Man mana bhava mad bhakto, put our mind to being a devotee of Krishna. Man mana bhava mad bhakto, mad yaji… to worship Krishna, serve Him, engage, what is the best worship? Harinam sankirtan. It is the best worship. He said that of all the sacrifices I am japa, I’m chanting the holy names.

Of course even greater than japa, everyone knows is sankirtana. Cooperatively glorifying the Lord’s holy name. mad yaji mam namaskuru and we do it not in some kind of, you know, false pride but, namaskuru, in a humble way. We bow down to Him, we surrender to the Lord, we offer Him our obeisances. We take the shelter that He’s offering and with that we engage our mind, we be His devotee and we glorify Him and worship Him. This creates all good fortune for everyone.

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

28th Dec, 1982 SB class @ New Orleans.