Gurukula system – the dynamic spiritual education.

In the time of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, we found that just like Dhurva Maharaja, he was so blessed because his parents, his mother directed him to become a seeker after Krishna. Like that Jiva Goswami’s parents were devotees. So when he saw Lord Caitanya he went over and sucked his toe, even he couldn’t walk.

When Srinivas Acharya’s parents were raising him, they would always put him on the lap and telling him stories about Krishna and laughing and, like this all of those great vaisnavas, usually their parents were also quite devoted, and then they would make various arrangements so that those great devotees in their childhood, they had an opportunity to serve Krishna. Just like Srila Prabhuapda, he was able to do Deity worship even when he was a small child, to play ratha yatra. This way that culture is never forgotten. So we should also give our children that opportunity to become Krishna conscious. That is a special benediction for us as well as for them.

Nowadays, even the parents want to make their children religious or God conscious, but because the schools and colleges are so materialistic that the children, they become envious and they get all kind of bad qualities. I was reading… there was one feature on Sunday , few Sundays back, how in America the children are murdering their parents. And it gave a… dozens and dozens of examples. One police man, he interviewed the son that why he shot his father in cold blood. And he said that “There is no difference between this… “this, “There is nothing except the grace of God, between this boy and my own son.” Father would not give him, you know, an extra five dollars to go to the movie. This that and the other thing, few things happened, he became angry, pulled out a gun and * pow, pow *- dead father. Like that.

Divorced homes, no family life, parents have no time for the kids. They have to work double shifts to get more money. So they leave the kids wander about. So naturally they do not develop much faith for the family. Now, Womens’ Lib, every woman has to work to show that she can develop to her full potential. Meanwhile the children do not get a chance to develop to their full potential. Because in the early life they are not getting any attention from the parents or any love. And then when they are thrown in school then their whole environment is completely uh, undisciplined and uh, demoniac.

See, If you can kill your parent what to speak about killing your teacher? They’re falling like the flies. So they don’t even want to get involved, if they try to discipline the teacher.. the the students in the class, it may be their last. Even in India now, when they have their final exams, they have to bring in the army to stand with machine guns over the students so that they don’t cheat.

What can they do, they bring in, they write it all here, you know * swipes * here, passing back notes, back and forth. That’s why even in India now the education is no value. You can get a degree… you know everybody has a degree, there is no value. Because everybody cheats. Because with the communism then they want all students to do the politics so that the politician won’t make any strong effort to ensure that the exams are done properly because students would be upset. So everybody is just cheating.

So whatever it may be , that whole environment is completely… becomes demoniac. Therefore Prabhupada established Gurukula system, dynamic spiritual education. Gurukulam-brahmacarya guru hitam. To teach uh, boys uh, brahmacharya life, to teach uh, spiritual association. Even in devotees’ family you see, how the children, before they go to gurukula, the parents have a real struggle to just to get them bow down and do a few things. Once they go to Gurukula, then they see their Pitaji, immediately they hit the deck.

When they go home for vacation after one week, they back to playing around and goofing off again. Because we learn more from our peers nowadays. When they see all the other little boys and girls are all paying obeisances, and chanting then they also come, encouraged to do that. Whatever example they are shown, so especially when everybody is doing the same thing, the teachers are giving a good example, and the teachers are caring about the students, it’s a very good environment.

Actually Prabhupada wanted that in the gurukula even the regular Indians, and the devotees, and the p… society would also send their children. Require… what they called it? Environment that actually encourages the Krishna Consciousness. Without that type of a Krishna conscious environment is that much more difficult to be Krishna conscious. So that means that environment has to be created , it doesn’t just happen. But it happens by the devotees being very careful.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj.

06th April, 1983 SB class @ Toronto, Canada