Going back to godhead

Question: Dear gurudev, PAMHO. Is it right to desire to go back to Godhead within this lifetime or we shall not be attached to the destination we go and just pray that wherever we go, we are always in the association of devotees? Your most fallen spiritual daughter, Nilaradhe devi dasi.

Guru maharaj: We want to serve the Lord. And we want that we can be part of His pastimes. Without the service of the Lord, devotees don’t care for liberation. Only if it includes the service of the Lord, they may accept any of the four liberations. Living in the planet of the Lord, having the same physical features of the Lord, being in the personal presence of the Lord, having the same opulence as the Lord. Only if those include devotional service. Because devotees never accept sahujya or merging in the brahma jyoti or body of the Lord.  I asked Srila Prabhupada I wanted to serve you birth after birth. He said, why do you want me to come back? I thought I said, I wanted to serve you, even, birth of birth! He said that is alright!

31 March 2020 | Mayapur