Get rid of all offences.

There are two processes one is called the pancaratrika-vidhi and the other is called Bhagavata-vidhi. Bhagavata-vidhi means daily chanting the holy name of the Lord and hearing the Bhagavatam. Pancaratrika-vidhi means mangal-aratis, pujas things like that. Doing all the worship, formal worship. So one has to do one or the other or both. It’s recommended that both is best. To do basic pancaratrika and basic Bhagavata-vidhi. But if you don’t do either, then where is the spiritual life, you see? It has to have at least one or the other, if not both.

pancharatrika-vidhi is not strong enough in this age to purify anyone completely. It can help something. But just to do the worship without chanting Hare Krishna and hearing the Bhagavatam will be very slow because of these offences. This chanting can get rid of all the other offences easily.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

28 Oct, 1982 SB class @ Thailand