Get a complete new slate by devotional service.

It’s set unless you practice Krishna consciousness. In general what you are going to suffer enjoy in this life is already set, no matter what you do. But in material life you can what you do in this life will change what your next life is going to be to certain extent. It’s not that you get all the reaction for the next life just from this life’s activity, you get reactions from many lives.

So even if a person acts perfectly in this life, it doesn’t mean that he is only going to be happy in this life because the previous lives reactions are coming. It doesn’t mean that his next life is going to be only happy because if he… it would depend on the other birth that he had done before them. So after a period of time if you act materially say after a hundred births, every life you just… the way… you tolerated all the difficulty and just acted properly according to the material side of good karma, well then theoretically so many other things may come up, you would become actually materially very happy like a Lord… like a Brahma… like a demigod. Well that’s a very gradual process and basically nobody can do that, especially in such a yuga like the Kali Yuga, may be in satya yuga other yugas are little more possible.

But Krishna consciousness is completely beyond this whole law chain and effect, what is accumulated for literally millions of births of which say the last hundred are been credited to your present account, can be wiped off and just a moment by even a little bit of sincere devotional service to Krishna, you can get a complete new slate. So that’s not possible by any amount of material work, you understand? What’s possible for Krishna because he can absorb unlimited amount of karma otherwise no one is going to absorb your karma, you just have to work it off.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1983, 5th,November, SB Class @ USA