*From Ignorance to Experience*

while we are preaching there always be some people ignorant ,who object ,who will be upset so we try to see things in a least agitating manner at the same time if we don’t(not getting)how the people wake up when you are waking from ignorance they are bound to be little reaction but once they awake they say why don’t you wake me up earlier now I am late , I missed so much time , why don’t I understand earlier that I am not this body I am eternal spirit soul so I don’t have to be dependent on so many material things to be happy ,I can be happy very simply so the devotees are doing the most important welfare work by distributing Prabhupada books the Vedas the essence of the Vedas Gita, Bhagwat and uncovering the people from their ignorance those is actually saving the life.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1988, 25th December, SB class, @ Butterworth, Malaysia