*’Find a Bonafide Guru’*

You have to actually take a proper cure ,you have to awaken up out of ignorance , you have to find a bonafide guru and you have to follow the prescription he gives , someone has got sickness he is taking some capsules just like this hiding the symptoms but sooner or later they have to actually cure the disease , they should find a guru they should be cautious they can before taking a commitment with a guru permanently they can follow the process they can understand they can go deeper into they can ask question they should have their doubt eradicated when one is convinced he takes shelter and they go to a higher level completely eradicate the ignorance , om ajnan timirandhasya , taking away the ajnan and all this form of ignorance timirandhasya , tamisra ,andhatamisra tamas ,moha , and mahamoha.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1988, 25th December, SB class, @ Butterworth, Malaysia