Fill ourselves with krishna consciousness

The seeds of desire are lying dormant in the heart, and gradually they come out, become manifest, then they start to sprout and come into uh, complete uh, presence, complete intense manifestation. So, when somebody is inflicted by lust, by very strong desires, that means that the desire seeds have come up to a manifested state. At that time if one is able to tolerate the influence of those sinful contamination, then one can avoid uh, fall down, but normally a person’s austerity or renunciation will be gauged by to what extent they can avoid falling down, or they can tolerate the influence of the senses, but actually even the great yogis, or great pandita or a brahmana like Kasyapa, who also was the father of the personality of Godhead, (inaudible) from the Aditi. The influence of the senses is so strong that like Saubhari Muni was sitting and meditating under water for 10,000 years, but when he saw two fish having, sexual intercourse he became agitated and he fell down because he had committed Vaisnava-aparadha against Garudadeva, he fell down to this material contamination. So, even great sages, sometimes uh, they get agitated. On the other hand Haridasa Thakura, other great devotees, they have been able to tolerate, because actually they have developed already a higher taste, and therefore when a material opportunity is… to enjoy present themselves, they are already completely full with the spiritual happiness of Krishna consciousness. Therefore they are protected. If we have a glass filled with water, then you cannot add more, anymore you add it flows over. It’s already full, you can’t add more. So, if we fill ourselves with Krishna consciousness, then there is nothing more to add. That’s the only protection. So it is only Krishna who can actually fill completely our consciousness with transcendental bliss. In the material world, no matter how much sense gratification a person may try to achieve, it will never fill the material cup completely and permanently.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

25th Sep, 1983 SB class @ New York, USA