Fail to recognize blessings of the lord

This was just after the departure of Krishna from the world, when Arjuna was protecting Krishna’s wife and different Visnuduta’s in the dress of cowheard boys came and stole away the wives and took them back to Vaikuntha where they belong, but Arjuna’s point of view, he was defeated by some ordinary farmers. So he could see that all of his powers were gone in a second. In fact Yudhistara advised him, “Why does you as well through your weapon in the water?, they are of no use.” Sometimes we feel, that our achievements are by our own endeavour. We fail to recognize or remember, that actually any achievement of any value can only be achieved, by the blessings of the Lord.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1985, November 11th, SB class, Life Member House Mr.Patel @ Bangalore, India