Everything – due to karma.

We are engaged in devotional service, what will protect us from all the acts we have done before? Now even if I am not influenced, I’ll have to suffer and enjoy so many things that I’ve, for the results that I have done and this may also affect me in many ways. This is also a question. So people are not freed from that, they have to uh, get the results of what they do, you see. prakrti kriyamananai gunaih karman sarvasa? ahankara-vimudhatma kartaham iti manyate Bhagavad-gita describes that material nature is doing everything, you see, gunaih karmana… karmasa… uh, gunaih… that due to the material qualities of passion, ignorance and goodness, and due to the karmas the material nature is putting everyone in different situations. And the foolish living entity he thinks, ”I am doing everything.” doesn’t see that you work hard and get good results that is due to your previous karma. Or you work hard in spite of that you lose everything, that is also due to your previous karma. And you don’t do anything, and still you’re lucky fellow, you get lots of results. Hardly you work at all, just a little bit, and you some results, big results, that’s also due to karma. And you don’t work at all and you don’t get anything, that’s also karma. Everything in the material world is due to karma and the material qualities, you see. If a person even he has good karma, but his association is mode of ignorance, he gets money what does he do? He spends it on drinking, gambling, and he’ll waste the whole lot, doesn’t have anything to show for it. And a person if he has good karma and mode of passion, he reinvests it. In the mode of goodness he uses it for helping others and in the future he gets more good karma. So, in this way (aside)… close the door… everything is going on in the material world.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

27 oct, 1982, SB Class