Even we’re Bramharsi.

Visvamitra, he was born as a… as a administrator, he was born as a… in a… in the caste of ksatriyas. Ksatriya mean the warrior caste, but he wanted to become a Brahmana. He wanted to become a sage, a rsi, so he did great tapasya, and by doing tapasya, he was gradually elevated up to the platform of being a Brahmana. Then, he became… from a Brahmana, he became a rsi. Then he became a maha-rsi. Then he became a brahmarsi. So, finally when he achieved the stage of brahmarsi, and he was able to control matter with his mystic powers, (he was able to do amazing things, he had previous birth recollection, he could see the future, so many things he achieved by being a brahmarsi, could travel to different planets, he could create things, he had all the mystic powers.), at that time, Vasistha, who was the guru of Ramacandra, who was, right from the beginning, he was born a Brahmana, and there was always some… he was a brahmarsi… before that, there was some rivalry because Visvamitra was… wanted to prove himself that he was as good as Vasistha, but he had never come up to that level of being a brahmarsi. He was always on the lower stage, so finally, when he got the blessing from brahma, to become a brahmarsi, then Vasistha congratulated him that, “Yes. Alright, so you’re a brahmarsi, but this is not the top.” Said, “What?! I’m a rsi! I’m the top!” Says, “No. I’m also a brahmarsi. I know. Now you have finally become a brahmarsi. I can see that you’ve achieved that level of consciousness. You’ve achieved that power, but we are not the top level. Top… One far far greater than us are the pure servitors of the Lord, of Visnu, of Krishna. Because even we’re brahmarsis, still our power is within this material world, and their power goes beyond into the spiritual dimension.”

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

Nov 15, 1982 SB @ Nepal.