Enjoy, but not at the sacrifice of your spiritual advancement.

We should transform the enjoying attitude to one of trying to please guru and Krishna, that if guru and Krishna is satisfied, that is our enjoyment, that is our happiness. Not that our own sense, pleasure is the standard of happiness. Sense pleasure is actually very despicable, it is very disgusting, because the senses after all are instruments of dead matter, and only come down to the level of trying to satisfy the senses, you just become entangled more and more. It’s a very sudra mentality to want to enjoy the senses, on that type of level. We can see here the twice-born, they are concerned, always with advancing spiritually. The demons, they are also concerned with increasing their sense gratification. And the demigods of course, sometimes the demigods they also fall into the syndrome of wanting to enjoy their senses, but not at the sacrifice of their spiritual advancement, that is very rare.

Generally speaking, the demigods, they want… even if they have a few desires, but they don’t want to sacrifice their spiritual position for that sense gratification. A prime example is when the demigods and the demons were having the tug of war, the demons and the demigods both, were churning the ocean, and when the nectar was produced, somehow or another by tricks, the rahu he was able to get the… he was able to get the nectar, but… so Krishna then appeared in the form of Mohini or the beautiful form of a beautiful woman, and naturally the demons they became very attracted because they are always in a enjoying attitude, they weren’t as concerned about getting the eternal nectar, as they were with enjoying the beautiful woman, enjoying sense gratifica… but the demigods, even though they were also able to see Mohini, they were more concerned with how to get this eternal nectar. Why give up eternal nectar just because of the temp… the beauty of the a… of a… sense attraction.

Somehow or another of course, Rahu one of the demons was able to get nectar into his mouth , but the Sudarsana chakra then chopped off his head, so didn’t go down into his body, just got down to his neck. Because of that Rahu was uh, was able to survive, the head of his became eternally, immortalized. So of course, if there is any eclipse and astrologically the Rahu and just the opposite of Rahu, the Ketu is, the presence of these Rahu demon. I heard from uh, some scientist said uh, astrologically, there is some kind of a invisible force which is in the places of Rahu and Ketu. They take it to be that there is some kind of a uh, vacuum or something produced uh, because of,

some kind of a force produced because of the moon and the earth lining up. Others have said that there… they have recorded that there is some kind of a planet which is not visible but which radio waves, they don’t bounce off the same way they had seen that there is some kind of a globe there, which is uh, not uh, fully visible but there is some kind of a body in there, we hear different things. Normally scientists do not publish their discoveries, if it doesn’t match up with the prevailing theories, if it’s too far out, then there nothing that can explain it, they just uh, they don’t tell anybody about it. There is an institute in Texas I heard, that has taken off this discoveries which nobody can explain, and this is… there are some discoveries like this which are, some of them… just out of curiosity or something… out of something… I don’t know exactly what is the purpose is, but there is supposed to be some kind of a foundation, but actually maintains a list of all these discoveries, but in any case, the point I was trying to make is that how demons, they are very attracted to enjoying the senses, so much so that they completely forget about the opportunity to get a et… immortal life. If sense gratification is strong enough, then they will forget.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 30 th May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA