Easiest way to capture krishna

wherever there is Krishna there is Lakshmi, Lakshmi or the Goddess of Fortune who represents all wealth and opulence. She is always desired by the materialist. They are always praying to Lakshmi to be with them… their fortune to be with them especially the gamblers and the business people and in general the materialist will always want the good fortune or the Goddess of Fortune to be with them. But She is known as Cancala, she is very, fickle, very whimsical in where she stays… I mean she doesn’t just stay, she is kind of restless, she doesn’t stay in one place very long. she stays some time and then goes away. But there is one place she always stays and that’s on the chest of Krishna, on the chest of Narayana. She is always either serving His lotus feet or is on His chest but she’s always with Narayana. So if someone wants to get the Goddess of Fortune, the easiest way is to capture Krishna.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1982 Dec, 17 SB @ New Orleans, USA.