don’t want to feel satisfaction over material comfort

I am serving Krishna, then why I am not getting my material facility?” you see. There might be that type of feeling, “Why Krishna is not making me comfortable. I am serving Him.”

If we start to relate and expect Krishna to give us a comfortable material situation in exchange for devotional service, it can bring in a tinge of rajo-guna. Then our motivation… we’ll be happy in our devotional service if we are materially comfortable, and if we are materially uncomfortable we will feel some dissatisfaction. We don’t want to feel satisfaction over material comfort. That has nothing to do with pure love for Krishna. We don’t care… we don’t want to feel dissatisfaction over material discomfort, you see. We have a body. You can’t help it feeling some amount of sensation over being materially, bodily, physically comfortable or uncomfortable. You can’t help feeling some sensation, but that… we don’t want that to be our standard for being satisfied or dissatisfied. Until we get pure love for Krishna we don’t want that flow of enthusiasm, of determination to ebb, to even decrease an iota through some self-satisfaction that, “Now I am comfortable.” Then we may get stuck up there, we may not get pure bhakti, we may not get pure love for Krishna.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami maharaj

29th Dec 1982, SB class @ Atlanta