Don’t place your happiness, upon the material standard, place it upon God consciousness…

In America, that big car… car manufacturer, Lea… Lea… I forget his name, he got arrested for a drug dealing, lost all his money, became bankrupt, so one second you are in a big society, name, fame, next you become infamous, everybody’s out to get you. You lose… so this is… this is the way of material life. Even in the time of Lord Caitanya, there was one relative of a devotee, but he wasn’t himself engaged in devotional service, he did pay his debt, before he knew it he was about to be uh… to be killed for a… thrown of the cliff, I think what… thrown off some kind of a… on to spears or something because he wasn’t paying his debt.

So material life in one second, everything can turn over, it has no guarantee, so Govinda Das and the great acaryas say, “Don’t place you happiness, don’t place your life, don’t base it upon this material standard, place it upon God consciousness, upon Krishna consciousness, place it upon purification, for that end.” and this is what the devotees are doing when they go out and do sankirtan, we have a marathon, so they are purifying themselves and they are giving an opportunity for the people who are in illusion, who are in this unfortunate jivana tala mala turmoil situation. They may have temporarily some steadiness, but that steadiness is like the steadiness of a drop of water on the lotus leaf, for a second it may be still and then something else.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 31st May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA