Don’t look back

There a story in the Bible about Ruth, or something, one lady, that was, told “You can… you can leave and you can survive this part… this, sinful city but if you look back you will turn into a pillar of salt.”, or something? Or “You’ll die. Don’t look back.”, you see. But even after she is going… there are all sinful people there, they are all completely in maya. But then she… she was so attached, she looked back, “What’s happening?” and she turned into salt. Like that.

So when one surrenders to Krishna, one shouldn’t look back, “Well what if I am missing out on this sense gratification or maybe there’s a…” or any thought, if any thought like that comes, slap down your mind, “What is this, you dushto man? What type of devotee are you? You are trying to cheat me again. You are trying to again remind me of things which I have already given up, things which I have already rejected.” But if we train the mind like that, and get the mind habituated to sitting there at the feet of guru and Krishna, what happens is that the mind gets its filth wiped away and then you can actually get a taste for devotional service and then the mind very easily stays with Krishna.

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

28th Dec, 1982 SB class @ New Orleans.