Do you want to know, who is Krishna?

each planet in the spiritual world is bigger than one universe in the material world, and there are countless universes, at least three times as many planets, three times as many how many…. Tetris koti devata… 33 million demigods in ah… in this ah… universe, and each demigod has his own planet. So then how many planets? Atleast there is 33 million… 3300 million, and so there is many, atleast three times as many times as many universes as there are in the ah… material world, and each planet in the spiritual world is also as big as one universe. So in this way it is practically inconceivable. But at times incharge of the entire spiritual universe there is one supreme lord, but of course He appearance in each planet in a different form- Narsingha, Vamana, varaha, matsya, kurma and so on. So this way we can understand that the glory of the Lord, as explained in the Upanishad, puranas is unlimited. So how to understand this ah… this glory of the Lord? It’s possible to understand the glory of the Lord if we take up the process given by the Lord. He explained that if you want to know me then follow process of devotional service. He explained, Bhaktya mam abhijanati… being my devotee no one can understand me. When He revealed His mystery to Arjuna in the Gita He told bhakto sakha sakha ceti rahasyam hy etad uttamam, I am revealing this secret to you because you are my Sakha, you are my friend and you are my bhakta. If we want to know who is Krishna, we should become His friend, become His devotee.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986, 22nd July, SB class @ Bangalore, India