Do as per told

-By the GURU

the principles of devotional service is even higher than these principles. Just like Krishna told King Yudhishtir to lie, or He didn’t, He just told him that Ashwathama is dead. Yudhishtir hesitated. He said, there is Ashwathama, he is not dead. Ashwathama was dead, Ashwathama the elephant was dead. Krishna …, didn’t have faith, this little bit doubt was there, Krishna said, he allowed Ashwathama was dead, knowing that it would crush Dronacharya’s heart. Then he’d have Arjuna take the finishing, or have the special strike against Dronacharya. But Yudhistir hesitated. Yudhishtir is known as Satyavaak, he never told a lie. If anyone else said that Satyavaak .. that Ashwathama is dead, then Dronacharya would just think that they are lying. But if Yudhishtir said then he’d think that this must be true. But Yudhishtir himself hesitated. “How can I tell a lie? I never told a lie.” So, by hesitating, to carry out Krishna’s order, he had to go to hell. For a short time. Krishna told if you say loudly, Ashwathama, softly the elephant, is dead, so, you are not telling a lie. See the principle is that Krishna’s direct order is higher. But sometimes, devotees think that whatever I want to do for devotional service is Krishna’s direct order. Therefore, I am above all laws. But, this is dangerous so we are preaching in society. Unless one does have a direct order from Guru and Krishna, we shouldn’t take, we should not ourselves become proud. “I am a devotee, whatever I do is right”. And then we do something which is wrong. We should be very careful to act only under the instruction of a higher authority.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986, 27th April, SB class @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia