Devotional service which elevated even the mouse…

There is a story in the Vedas about a ghee wick which was going out and at that moment, it was a mouse came up and started to poke at the little cotton swab to eat the… whatever ghee was left, but the flame was just flickering and about to go out. When the mouse pushed it to , eat it, then it shot up because then the flame got some more wick to burnt on, and it shot up. The mouse got scared and ran away. So that mouse was elevated … to Vaikuntha because of the service that he had done. It didn’t have to take birth again. Then that service, it was taken that… just after that the mouse died, it was taken that it had offered arati to the Lord. By pushing, that light went up, it was about to go out, so it had done. Of course the mouse had no idea whatsoever. So this was an ajnata-sukrti.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1982 Dec, 17 SB @ New Orleans, USA.