Devotional service — A great science

If you offer any other Vrindavana… brija-vāsīs, “That alright, because Krisha has left you…” “Okay Lalita, Visakha, Krishna has left you, so you come off and uh.. you know, go some other place, what’s the use?” Do you think they care for any other place? Or any other thing? They are absorbed, so much so, Uddhava came there to give them instructions, “My dear brija-vāsīs…” started to give them lessons and philosophy, and everything, and then he saw that what was the level of their devotion. That how absorbed they were, how Radharani is uh, lecturing, how… speaking to the bumblebee.

So they are all mad after Krishna, that their absorption in Krishna, and service to Krishna was so intense, that He could… He couldn’t conceive at all. It was beyond. He just then started to pray that “Just if I could somehow, in my future life, maybe become a little… there’s a creeper here in Vrindavan, then they may put their lotus feet on my head. That would be the highest uh, perfection for me, to somehow or another to get the association of these exalted souls. Their devotion is so pure, that uh, it’s… it’s inexplicable.

Uddhava was already the friend of Krishna. He can walk in Krishna’s uh… he can walk right in Krishna’s room anytime, you know. Someone else, even Brahma has to knock on the door,

“Wait a while.”


“Which Brahma?” Right?

So… but no. Uddhava, he can walk right in anytime. That was a… he was so… but then he saw the gopis. Then he said, “Hare Krishna.” Their devotion is inconceivable. Why did Krishna sent them there? Not only to be messanger but to Krishna but to learn. So devotional service is a great science. It’s a great science, and it is to be understood, only from the pure devotees. You cannot understand pure devotion from uh, anyone else, you see. Not from uh, the impersonalist, not from the karma kandi, not from the yogis. They all… the contemporary uh, modern guru, a lot of them try to teach little bit, “Oh, bhakti-yoga, yes.” They may throw a little bit. They have no idea about bhakti-yoga. Bhakti-yoga cannot be taught by anyone else, except for a bhakti-yogi.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami maharaj

29th Dec 1982, SB class @ Atlanta