Detach from Desire.

In Hong Kong… Japan people get very attached to material things, they want a brand new tape recorder. They get the tape recorder. After a while they get tired of the it, they just throw… a perfectly good tape recorder, they throw it away in the garbage. Just fed up, that’s the mood they are in. You can get good tape recorders lying in the garbage, you see. When you get the thing, that means that now your desire is fulfilled. That is one way of getting your material fruitive action is you get what you want. That’s one, that’s called the reaction for pious activities. That also makes you detached, in some cases. You get tired of it, you want something else.

Another way of getting rid of attachment is by suffering. When that thing you want causes some pain you become detached. So, both these reactions, pain as well as pleasure the devotee becomes detached to because both of them cause material attachment. They want spiritual ecstasy, spiritual bliss. So, already the plug has been pulled out, you are not creating any more karmas, you’ve been freed. And Krsna promises that according to how you surrender that is how you will be rewarded. So, already you are free from any direct reaction of karma. If any karma is given it means that you still have some attachments and this is to help you become more and more advanced, and you are only getting a small token of what you deserve.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

27 oct, 1982, SB Class