Depend more on krishna

gradually when we develop this service attitude, that whatever I have, like Arjuna was, whatever I have is meant for the service of Krishna, ultimately when everything is set and done, when I get my final report card, like at the matriculation, what is my first division, second division, pass, fail, I want to see that in my life how much that I have been able to please Krishna. Is that first division, then other divisions are there. So when we have this objective, because we may please our family, that’s all right, but that’s still not enough to pass, because that we can take with us to the next life, that’s for this life. That’s a subsidiary duty we also have to do, not that we neglect the family, because they also help us in various ways and it is a team work, but ultimately that to get the… first division we have to become Krishna conscious. So when we have this type of consciousness, then it is very easy to be able to overcome, there may be some difficulties we face then we learn to depend more on Krishna for our inner strength, through chanting, through reading, through practical association. Then we see also that material world means that it is always… it’s a kamala jala dala, jivana tala mala, there is always some you see, like water on the lotus leaf, there is no fixed position. In the material world it is not fixed, that even within it is changing, our consciousness remains fixed, that our objective doesn’t change. That’s why Gita says, ekoha kurunandana, that Krishna conscious devotee is ekaha kuru nandana, that the Krishna conscious devotee is ekoha kuru nandana, he is one pointed, but the materialist is bahu sakha hy anantas cha, there is unlimited desires going in the various branches. So even if one front they are satisfied, the other front they are fearing…it’s always some problem is there… there is never any complete happiness.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1985, November 11th, SB class, Life Member House Mr.Patel @ Bangalore, Indian