DemiGods – the parts of the body of Vishnu

Ambarisa, who was a great King, who was the Emperor of the world, because he was ruling the world in order to please Krishna, he was ruling the world that the people could gradually come back to spiriutal life. Even Ambarisa sometimes worshipped demigods like Siva, like Durga and others just to give the example to the people in general about how to do various Vedic rites, but in his mind, and in his discussion, he would always explain how the demigods were the part of Visnu and he would not think them as independent, but he would worship them as the various angams, or parts of the body of the universal form of the Lord.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

25 Nov, 1982 SB @ Sri Mayapur Dham.