Dear most Krishna devotees

The devotee of Krishna is more dear, more dear to Kali, more dear to Shiva than her own devotees. In India this is actually an important point. People, they spend so much time worshipping Shakti. Worshipping Shiva. They don’t realise that the dearest to the lord, the dearest to even Kali or Durga is Krishna’s devotee. Dear to Shiva than anyone is the devotee of Krishna. That’s why Lord Shiva came out of his own lake in Kailash when the Pracetas where there and said, “Because you are devotees of Krishna, you are very dear to me. Therefore I’m going to … The devotees of Krishna are most dear to me. Therefore I’m going to give you spiritual knowledge. Then he taught them his stotram or prayer, glorification of Krishna.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986,26th August, SB class @ Detroit, USA